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Kinor David in Israeli Olive Wood


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David, as a young shepherd, wandered the fields around Bethlehem, playing his harp. Sensing the closeness of G-d, David's music communicated the meditations of his heart to the Creator of all.

During his eventful lifetime, David composed many psalms, singing the praises of G-d.

No matter how perilous his circumstances, he never lost faith. His psalms are a rock of inspiration to all of us.

Though he was wandering alone, word of his special harp playing became known far and wide. Eventually, it reached the ears of the servants of King Saul.

Saul was an ailing soul ~ an evil spirit came ot trouble him day and night. It was then that young David was called to play the harp to soothe Saul's soul and bring the King some measure of comfort and healing.

The remarkable healing effect of the harp was known to people 3000 years ago. Without data from scientific research, they intuitively understood the relationship between the music of the harp, and the healing of the body and mind.

Recent medical studies have confirmed that the sweet and pure sounds of this ancient harp can beneficially effect the process of healing.

Harp music in general, and the Kinnor David specifically, promotes a restoration of the connection between the body, mind and soul ~ it is a bridge between heaven and earth...

"And David took a harp and played..." ( Samuel 1 16:23)


The Kinnor David we build is created to be a personal, meditative instrument.

It's structure and basic designs are known from ancient coins, Biblical descriptions and Talmudic information.

This type of harp is known and was played in the time of King David and in the First & Second Temples of Israel

The Kinnor David is created from beautiful woods with decorative hand-carved palm and olive branches, and in the center a star of David ( Magen David).

It is also possible to interchange the center design with a Menorah or any design you choose in wood, silver, brass, precious stones, gold or Mother of Pearl.

David's Harp has ten strings, tuned in a Hebraic mode that traces its origin

back to ancient Israel. Traditional Jewish music as well as original compositions can easily be played on it.

Various art and inlay work possibilities and carrying case are also available. With the harp comes an instruction booklet, tuning key and cassette, including easy to learn traditional Hebrew songs.

The Kinnor dimensions are approximately 65 cm high ( 26 inches) and 33 cm wide (13 inches).

It comes with a detachable stand. This harp has one and a half octaves, and the strings are made of nylon.

" I will sing unto the L-rd while I live"

Psalm 104 :33


You may choose from specially selected woods

Cherry, Maple and Walnut $3080
African Mahogany, Antamoya and Bubinga $3650
Israeli Rosewood, Israeli Cypress (when available) $4400
Israeli Olive $5000

All Kinnor's include a display stand, tuning key,
Kinnor instruction booklet and cassette.

Also Available Options

Quilted carrying case $140
Brass plaque set into display stand $350
Twelve tribal stones - opal, amythest, lapis, etc. set in sterling silver on both sides of harp $1600
Center design of either Lion of Judah, Menorah, Pomegranates, in gold, silver, or brass $270-550
Extra set of strings $  55
Packing, crating, insurance, including door to door airmail shipping $250
Harp Care Oils - For maintaining and preserving the beauty of the wood. This oil was used as part of the ‘Ketoret’, the incense used in the Temple.   All oils are organic   $  25

Kinnor David with carved olive and palm branches and Magen David center design, Temple Inlay & brass plaque with scripture verse

Information about the woods

SPECIAL ISRAELI ROSEWOOD - medium-dark brown with beautiful grain patterns.

ISRAELI CYPRESS - (when available) warm golden blonde wood ( II Samuel 6:5)

MAHOGANY - medium brown with golden highlights

ANTEMOYA - a light brown with golden highlights

BUBINGA - warm-red wood with beautiful grain patterns

CHERRY - varying shades light redish brown

MAPLE - warm blonde wood

WALNUT - medium brown with highlights

OLIVE - This is one of the most beautiful and interesting woods in the world. The grain patterns in this olive wood looks like marble made of wood, intertwining the light and medium golden brown wood with the darker lines running through it, in patterns of swirls and waves.

The lighter woods tend to be more airy and clear, the darker wood rich and resonant.

Wood samples available upon request


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