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Micah and Shoshanna Harrari in front of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem

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The Atara Nevel

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Micah Harrari, a Levite and master craftsman, originally built the first harp in the land of Israel in 2000 years, for his wife Shoshanna as a birthday gift. She had longed for a harp of her own for many years, seeking an instrument to connect her soul to the true source of music - a sacred instrument to be used for creative expression, devotion, and prayer.

Basing his designs on the information found in the Bible, Talmud, and archeology, this first harp opened the way for many more to follow spreading the mystical sounds of David's harp from the streets of Jerusalem to the four corners of the world.

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Kinnor David

Built in a small workshop in the Jerusalem forest, each harp is individually designed to combine the patterns of antiquity with the personal visions and ideas of each client, creating true Temple quality heirlooms of prayer and healing for the mind, body and soul. Their healing sound is meant to give wings to the "new song" within our souls. Because they are built in the Holy Land, inspired by the Ruach HaKodesh, these harps are more than lovely instruments, they are spiritual tools that help to join heaven and earth.

The House of Harrari builds two types of Biblical Harps, the Nevel (Atara Nevel Harp) and the Kinnor (Kinnor David Harp). Each harp is individually handmade using the finest of musical hard woods from Israel and around the world. We have now added a new member to the family. It is another type of Kinnor, brother to our original Kinnor David. We call this one "The Elijah Harp". Easy to play, with an amazingly strong and beautiful tone and resonance.Both of the designs of these harps are based on two different coins minted during the Bar Kochva period (2000 years ago). From the historical evidence and archeological findings, they were most likely used in the Temple.

Elijah's Harp

And now we have added a new member to the family. A new type of Kinnor, brother to our other Kinnor David, its designs also based on a different coin of the Bar Kochva period ( 2000 years ago), that shows another of the Kinnorot that was most likely used in the Temple

We call this one "The Elijah Harp". Easy to play, with an amazingly strong and beautiful tone and resonance

Some completed harps are also available for immediate delivery. Please e-mail us for descriptions, prices and delivery times.

A delightful gift item is Davita's Door Harp. When mounted on the inside of your door, it gently chimes as the door opens to welcome family and friends with the sweetest of tones

Your choice of a beautiful handmade door harp can be shipped to your home or sent to a friend as a special gift from Israel

Davita Door Harps/ Hand Carved Door Harps/ King David DoorHarps

A new harp is born!

After one year of intense Harrari Harps team effort, a special 6 foot Kinnor David was finally completed, and is now installed in its new home,

The Temple Institute of Jerusalem.

Master Craftsman, Micah Harrari